Matt the Webguy's
Propane Estimator Thingy
Weigh your propane tank using your bathroom scale (it's accurate enough for an estimate.)
Subtract the "tare weight" of the tank from the total weight to calculate your remaining propane (in lbs.) Look for a "TWXX" on the collar of the tank (ex. TW18).
Determine the "size" of your grill's burner. Most burners are rated at 35,000 BTUs, but newer, larger grills are sometimes rated higher. Check your owner's manual....okay, okay, I know that you threw it away with the box... go check the manufacturer's website.
Est. Propane Remaining:
Grill Burner Rating:
This is only an ESTIMATE
So, don't scream at me if you run out while grilling.
Plan ahead and obtain sufficient fuel.